Arzacq county

Arzacq county, located in Bearn, is at the crossroads of Landes, Gers and four wine yards, surrounded by verdant hills and woods which had given its original name, Pagus Silvestris, now know as Soubestre. Morlanne’s Castle, Arzacq’s “Bastide”, the old Larreule abbey, the feudal hills, Garos and Bouillon’s potteries are the witnesses of the cultural richness of this land. Furthermore it is crossed by the genuine Puy en Velay pilgrim way to St James.

Indeed, Soubestre is also the discovery of the “Bearnese” culture : gastronomy, sports as well as music, dance and folksongs heartily regulating the local life. In short, only at twenty minutes from Pau and one hour to drive to the Atlantic Ocean or the Pyrenees, we’ re welcoming you ! Welcome in the land of Soubestre!